6 Women’s Fashion Mistakes To Avoid When Shopping For Clothes

6 Women's Fashion Mistakes To Avoid When Shopping For Clothes
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You open your closet full of clothes, but you can’t find any piece to wear.

Aren’t you the ones who bought these outfits, Didn’t you choose it and you were sure it was right for you? What happened?!!. 

The answer is that there are common mistakes a woman makes while shopping. How do you avoid these mistakes in my article for today? I really want to share with you “ladies” some tips to help you avoid these mistakes while shopping your clothes.  

You often choose the wrong design or the wrong colour and that damage your look. So why you continue with these women’s fashion mistakes!? Therefore, if you care about your look then keep reading this article and I hope you will learn some useful tips. 

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1. Wearing the Wrong Size

Why women do that!?, I know the answer because I am also a woman, and I have experience with this bad habit. Women do that because they want to encourage themselves to lose weight.

 If a woman buys a jacket that cost a lot of money, but the size is too small, then she will start a diet immediately. Do you think that by buying the wrong size you will lose weight? What happens if you break your diet !. By buying the wrong size will pressure and stress you. 

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Shipping brings to the woman happy, but when you buy an item that is too small. Then you will start a diet and put this piece of clothes in your wardrobe and wait to lose weight, maybe 1 year. You have to get rid of this wrong mistake and do not allow the clothes you buy to spend a lifetime in your closet. 

Moreover, It happens that other women choose clothes in a larger size. They try to hide the extra weight or a swollen abdomen. Choosing the wrong size of clothes will not only make your outfit look beautiful, but will likely ruin it.  

2. Choosing the wrong accessories. 

This is one a very common mistake that women do during their shopping. The elegance of the woman does not mean that she will choose only harmonious and beautiful clothes, but elegance must be complemented with accessories. 

 Accessories are important for an attractive and elegant look. You don’t need exaggerating with accessories. Your outfit can include some accessories such as a scarf, watch or belt. 















Accessories mean something that can add beauty to the woman, but if you misuse them, then this will ruin your appearance. Some common mistake that women do is that they go a little overboard. I recommended you to go with one statement piece.

If you want to learn more about how  How To Accessorize Your Outfit? so I recommended you to read my article. 

3. No Evolving

Fashion is constantly changing and can also repeat itself. 

What we are seeing now is that some women do not want to develop their fashion sense. They love to have the same clothes routine for life. Why you wear the same style the rest of your life, is it not boring for you!?.  

I do not mean that you have to change your sense of fashion. Each person has its sense, and what I like it is not necessary that you are going to like it. What you can do is that you can make your style more modern to suit our time. Experimenting with another style of clothing can sometimes lead to a stunning look much better than the previous one. 

4. Neglecting details

Women sometimes neglect some details of their looks, thinking that no one will notice. Do you know that untidy nails will spoil your entire look, even if your dress is elegant?

Also, the shoes that are inconsistent with the colour or style of the rest of the look will inevitably spoil it and make it less beautiful. Always pay attention to the little details because they make a big difference. If you want to learn more about how to match your shoes with clothes, you can read my article. 

5. Ignoring Cleaning Instructions

5 Women's Fashion Mistakes To Avoid When Shopping For Clothes

When we buy new clothes we become pleased about that. For example, we purchase a new dress that is a little expensive, but what it happens then is that we do not take into account that this piece of cloth has to clean in the right way. Simply, we ignore cleaning instructions.

The rules for washing your clothes are not difficult. If the correct washing instructions are not followed, the clothes can be damaged faster than expected. Nothing is worse than faded clothes as a result of poor washing. 

Constant washing reduces the colour of your clothes and makes the clothes look cheaper. By leaving the clothes to dry on their own in the open air instead of being placed in the dryer can extend the life of the clothes.

6. Do not be influenced by the opinions of those around you

Do not be influenced by the opinions of those around you, especially the statements of the shop owner or the employee. The reason for that is their job is to persuade you to buy anything even if it did not suit you.

You can accompany your mother or your best friend to the market and they will definitely not deceive you.

In conclusion


6 Women's Fashion Mistakes To Avoid When Shopping For Clothes.

Shopping gives you pleasure but sometimes it can also give you a feeling of stress. Women have many clothes in their closet, but still, they are not satisfied with these clothes. The reason for this is that when women buy clothes, they make different mistakes. In this article, I have collected 6 Women’s Fashion Mistakes To Avoid When Shopping For Clothes.

6 Women’s Fashion Mistakes is:

  1. Wearing the Wrong Size
  2. Choosing the wrong accessories. 
  3. No Evolving
  4. Neglecting details
  5. Ignoring Cleaning Instructions
  6. Do not be influenced by the opinions of those around you

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10 thoughts on “6 Women’s Fashion Mistakes To Avoid When Shopping For Clothes

  1. It is amazing how we can make the wrong choices by not having these 6 fashion facts that will save us so much trouble and although I am a male I believe we can also learn from what you have written. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Sure you can also use these tips, they work for both women and men,but because my website is about women’s fashion so I focusing on it.

  2. Thanks for this informative article. I must admit I am guilty of keeping clothes that no longer fit with the hope of losing the weight to fit them again. I also tend to use clothing as a weight-loss incentive, refuse to purchase new clothes until I have reached my weight loss goal. Sounds great in theory but the reality is I haven’t bought clothes for myself in a very long time. I will keep these tips in mind when I shop next. Do you think we as women make these fashion mistakes more often as we age?

    1. Thank you for your comment. As your question, It depends on the woman, but as you get older you are no longer as interested in buying clothes as before. But as I said it depends on the woman, sometimes we see that a woman who is 50 years old is more fashionable than the woman who is 25 years old.

  3. I have found this article very interesting, I’m certainly guilty of some of the 6 mistakes you mentioned in the it.
    A lot of women have a lot of clothes but tend to wear the same items week in and week out.
    Thank you very much for the excellent advice.

  4. This is a very useful read. I know now where I go wrong when I shop for my clothes is that I sometimes choose the wrong accessories and then get influenced by other of what I should or shouldn’t buy.

    Thank you for this great read I learnt so much from it.

    Best wishes

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