How To Accessorize Your Outfit?

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How To Accessorize Your Outfit?- Accessorize

The elegance of the woman does not mean that she will choose only harmonious and beautiful clothes, but elegance must be complemented with accessories. Accessories are an important and essential part of a woman’s look. We often focus on clothes, we care about their coordination and selection in a way that expresses us, but we do not give the accessories the same importance. In this article, you will learn about how to accessorize your outfit and how to wear accessories. Moreover, some tips about accessories, but this time neither gold nor diamonds. 

So ladies, without further ado, let’s get started with some information about how to accessorize your outfit and how to wear accessories.

The importance of accessories

1) The accessories can make clothes match on different occasions. The same pieces of clothing can be used on different occasions, the only thing you need to do is to change the accessories. I will give you this example, your everyday casual wear like a white shirt and jeans trousers. With using accessories, you will be able to use this simple white shirt and jeans on three different occasions: 

The first occasion can be in your office. You can still wear your white shirt and jeans with some accessories like a silver necklace, black belt and black leather bag. 

The second occasion can be in daily shopping and lunch with your friends. You can still wear your white shirt and jeans with some accessories like bold colourful accessories, a straw hat and fashionable sunglasses. 

The third occasion can be at an informal dinner date. You can still wear your white shirt and jeans with some accessories such as high heel shoes and shiny necklace and earrings

As you can see, you can easily wear the same outfit for three different occasions, it is all about choosing the right accessories.

2) Accessories can save your money. When you have enough accessories you will not have to buy new clothes. Choosing and coordinating accessories properly gives the impression of renewal, therefore you don’t need new clothes. 

3) Accessories are important for an attractive and elegant look. You don’t need exaggerating with accessories. Your outfit can include some accessories such as a scarf, watch or belt

Kinds of women’s accessories 

Accessories can be mainly divided into two types: 

  • – The accessories we wear such as watches, shoes, sunglasses, belts, jewellery and scarf.
  • – The accessories we carry like handbags, wallets, parasols and umbrellas. 
  • How To Accessorize Your Outfit?- Bag and hat
  • Why Earrings are important for women

How To Accessorize Your Outfit?- Earrings

Earrings are a very important accessory for women. Earrings are one of the types of women’s accessories that contribute to raising the degree of the appeal of clothes, especially closed dresses. You can increase your elegance and the simplicity of your style, by wearing a large earring on a closed dress. Simply, we can say that earrings complete any outfit and make you look wonderful.

How to wear accessories

Accessories mean something that can add beauty to the woman, but if you misuse them, then this will ruin your appearance. Some common mistake that women do is that they go a little overboard. I recommended you to go with one statement piece. If you have a bright colour dress, so one bracelet is enough for your outfit. Moreover, another mistake that some women can do is that under accessorizing. I mean by that if you have a black dress you can use a pop accessory, Chunky accessories. Chunky accessories will show that you are trendy and will update your black dress. 

How To Accessorize Your Outfit?

 How to choose the right earrings

You have to choose earrings that fit the shape of your face. The designer Lizzie Fortunato says that long earrings make the face thinner, large and short earrings are suitable for the rectangular face. Light-coloured earrings, such as pearls or white stone, makes the face look glistening. Wear bold or coloured accessories with natural colours clothing such as black, navy, beige to give your clothes vital.  Like wearing a flower belt,  a yellow or orange scarf.

Moreover, you have to do a balance in the accessory sizes, if you are wearing oversize earrings, wear a small necklace or not. Don’t let the accessories cover the details of your outfit. You must take into account that you should not wear two attractive pieces of accessories together.

Choose accessories that highlight your beauty, such as wearing a scarf that matches the colour of your eyes. The reason for that is because this will make your face appear bright. You also can wear high shoes, that will make your legs look longer.

You also can choose the accessories according to your skin, if you are with warm skin so the golden colour will add radiance to your skin. If you have cold skin, silver will give you that radiance. You have to know that the accessories allow you to play with colour. Therefore, the colour that does not fit your skin you can add them to your clothes using the accessory. I will give an example of that. If the red colour does not fit you, so do not worry about it you can wear red shoes or a red belt. In this case, you did not prevent yourself from wearing red colour.


The belt is one of the most types of women’s accessories to suit all looks, whether dresses or classic clothes because of its multiple colours. Belt has to be consistent with the colours of the clothes. 

In this article, I am not going to talk about all kind of accessories due to I will write articles about each accessory separately and where to buy them,  but this article is just a small summary. This article focuses mostly on how to accessorize your outfit and how to wear accessories. 

Ladies, your elegance is the secret of your happiness

How To Accessorize Your Outfit?

In conclusion, women’s accessories are one of the most important topics that women may search for because of women’s special interest in style and appearance. Accessories can be said that it has a high ability to radically change the look and style. In this article, I showed women the importance of accessories and how to wear them. 


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