How To Find Your Perfume ? – Women’s Fragrance Guide

How To Find Your Perfume
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How To Find Your Perfume?

Today, woman has become certain that perfumes play an important role in supporting her personality and beauty. Women have difficulties with choosing the right perfume.  

I know that choosing the right fragrance is not that easy. Especially now in 2020 we have countless new perfumes, so it’s not an easy choice.

When you go to your favorite perfume store, you don’t need your best friend to help you choose the right perfume, because of today I am going to show you how to find your perfume! 

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So, How To Find Your Perfume ?

 In order to be able to choose the perfume that suits your budget and suits your desire, you need to know some perfume secrets.  

Women, you have to look for scents that improve your mood and express yourself.

  • Firstly, you  have to choose a perfume that suit your skin: 

  1. If you have an oily skin: oily skin contributes to the intense smell of fragrance, which affects perfume stability for a longer period. Therefore, ladies you have to choose the light types of perfumes. Eau de Toilette is suitable for you, this type of fragrance has a lower concentration of perfume. Eau de Toilette contains from 4% to 15% concentration of essential oils and that makes it light. 

2. If you have a sensitive skin then you have to avoid from heavy perfumes.  Heavy perfumes can make redness on your skin. In this case, you have to choose perfumes that contain natural ingredients such as flowers and roses. I mean avoid chemical perfumes.

Here are some healthy perfumes for your sensitive skin:


Contains organic cane sugar mixed with essential oils and skin-loving plants.  This perfume is handmade with natural and organic ingredients based on natural oils, vanilla extract, coconut and tahitian flower.           


FRESH Brown Sugar:

  FRESH Brown Sugar: The fragrance is from the 2011 edition and fragrance versions are still listed.  This fragrance is based on natural ingredients including lemon, berries, peaches, honey flower, caramel nectar, amber and brown sugar. It is suitable for winter and summer. 

3. If you have a dry skin: dry skin also affects the stability of the fragrance, but contrary to oily skin. Oily skin contributes to the smell of fragrance for a longer period. While dry skin makes your perfume fly out of the skin.

Instead of reapplying the perfume more than once throughout the day, the best solution is to rely on winter perfumes that are characterized by a strong smell. So, heavy perfumes will work best. I mean Eau de Parfum.

Why winter perfumes are more stronger than any perfume?.

It is because of in winter we wear a lot of clothes and therefore we have to choose a strong perfume. 

4. If you are blonde, you should prefer perfumes that are based on violets, and narcissus.

5. If you have a brown tones choose from the smells of carnation, rose or lily.

In conclusion

The perfume is one of the cosmetics indispensable for many women to complete their attractive look. But choosing the right fragrance is not easy. In this article I showed you  How To Find Your Perfume. Your perfume has to suit your skin. 

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