How to make your clothes look expensive

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Have you ever looked at a woman and thought about her looks with admiration and you thought immediately that she spent a lot of money on her luxurious clothes. Trust that the look is bluffing sometimes, it does not mean that this woman has expensive clothes.  That why I decided to share how to make your clothes look expensive.

In this article, I am going to show you some magic tips that can make any look, whatever its budget, look like it comes from the most luxurious boutique.

Without further ado let’s take a look at how to make your clothes look expensive.

  •  Follow the 70/30 rule for fashion

It means that you closet should be 70% basics and 30% should be trendy. This helps to create a balanced wardrobe. The secret of fashion is the realization that all trends will die at some point, although most will come back later. Do not worry, when you have 70% basics in you closet, you will get more wear because of that basics can fit multiple clothes.

– Basics clothes likes blazers, jeans, shirts of one color and tank top….. And so on

  • Coordination of colors

Choosing colors that match each other are important things that help highlight you clothes and make you appearance appear attractive.

Here some tips:

If you are skinny, wear light-colored clothes.

– If you are obese wear dark clothing because of dark clothing slims the body.

– If you skin is dark, does not wear dark clothing, but look for bright colors. Three colors are limited to the whole costume, no more.

Note: To wear the right color you must consider you body shape and skin color

When in doubt, look for a completely black look:

There is a reason why black is always seen as elegant. We know that everyone look great in black. Moreover, the black color matches everything. It does not mean that you will have an all-black wardrobe. Black instantly enhances you look and gives a feel like no other. The black also gives more quality and gives women space to use a lot of different accessories to make the look expensive. If you are wearing tight clothes to appear gracefully, you just have to black and wear wide clothes, you will look more elegant.

There is what is known as “monochrome” and it is the consistency between contrasting colors and there are no two different colors and more consistent than white and black. Therefore, if you are looking for an elegant look, you have to choose models that carry both colors together.

  • Washing clothes the right way

  • The rules for washing your clothes are not difficult. If the correct washing instructions are not followed, the clothes can be damaged faster than expected. Nothing is worse than faded clothes as a result of poor washing. Most clothes can be worn at least several times before washing. If you notice a stain, try treating the stain or washing it gently manually. Learn to clean only the dirty stain with a toothbrush because of washing clothes weakens the fibers and makes them look old and cheap. Constant washing corrodes fabric and reduces the color of your clothes and makes the clothes look cheaper. Moreover, leaving the clothes to dry on their own in the open air instead of being placed in the dryer can extend the life of the clothes.
  • Add some sunglasses

I does not know if this is what celebrities started with, but adding sunglasses to you look will make you look important and makes you whole look look better. Glasses will add some suspense to you appearance. If you wear glasses, people wil likely remember them as part of you appearance.

Wear a piece (or two) of jewelry               

Instead of collecting a wide range of jewelry, you can choose a small number of simple pieces that fit everything in you wardrobe. A pair of assorted earrings, a simple necklace, a small ring, or a unique bracelet are all great pieces that you will wear again and again. If you jewelry means something to you so it will each piece feel like a personal talisman. Additionally, you have to avoid plastic jewelry and focus on classic items like watches and a few gold jewelry.

  • Change you buttons

Discard the plastic buttons and use the glossy or pearly buttons. This simple step can completely change the look of you clothes, without costing much. This method is also useful for rejuvenating some old clothes, as it gives a refreshing look.

look expensive without spending heaps of money

In conclusion, You can look expensive without having a wardrobe full of names like Gucci and Chanel. I don’t mean that these brands make are not good. They make great classic investment pieces and with very good quality. But the purpose of this article was to show how the woman can look elegant without spending so much money. Ladies, if you want to make your clothes look expensive, you need to follow these tips that I mentioned in this article:

1)  Follow the 70/30 rule for fashion
2) Coordination of colors
3) look for a completely black look
4) Washing clothes the right way
5) Add some sunglasses
6) Wear a piece (or two) of jewelry
7) Change you buttons








8 thoughts on “How to make your clothes look expensive

  1. Hello,

    This article is excellent. Since I have a baby, I rarely buy new clothes anymore because our attention is now going to our baby’s needs.
    I agree with keeping basics clothes with natural colors that can we use to do an easy mix and match. Using sun-glasses or other accessories are definitely something I like to do as well. It’s a very practical tips. Thank you!


  2. Good article, good content went well with the media and it flowed smoothly through out this article. White back gound on each page makes it easier for the readers to read (Thank You). I read this article to my wife, Grace, and she likes it very much. Good job!

  3. Excellent read! Loved all the tips you brought up and the 70/30 reference. Will be coming back to this article definitely. I also liked how you mentioned how to wash clothes correctly as well. Will be sharing this to one of my friends who might also find the info useful.

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