Is Zaful Legit? – Zaful Review

Is Zaful Legit?
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When we buy from an online store, we are a little worried before we shop our needs because of we have to be really careful in choosing the websites. Some sites just want your money and won’t give you anything. That why I am going to tell you about the famous online shop Zaful. But the question is Zaful legit? or is Zaful a scam?

 Is Zaful Legit ? - Zaful website

If you are one of the people looking for everything new in the world of fashion, here is one of the leading online shopping stores that is interested in providing the latest fashion. It is a Zaful. In this article, I am going to show you the most important information to get a successful shopping experience from Zaful website and let you know if Zaful is legit?!.

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What Is Zaful?

Zaful is an online shop and owned by Hong Kong. Zaful offers the latest fashion, high-end clothing, accessories, shoes and more. The website has started since 2013. Zaful provides you a distinctive variety of different types of clothes for women, men and kids. Zaful offers all women clothes from head to toe.  />
Pointed Toe Ankle Wrap High Heel Satin Pumps only $28.49
Is Zaful Legit? zaful Pointed Toe Ankle Wrap High Heel Satin Pumps

14 Piece Ethnic Moon Star Ring Set only $5.85
Is Zadul Legit?- zaful 14 Piece Ethnic Moon Star Ring Set

For men’s clothes they are beachwear, Sportswear , shoes, coats,  shirts and  jackets. Zaful also provides children’s needs such as baby shoes, baby tools and both boys and girls clothes. The price is also so attractive and cheap. It is important to know that Zaful is considered one of the cheapest shopping sites in existence.

Zaful- The Overview

Name: Zaful.

Owners: Leo Wang

Website URL:

Available Languages In Zaful Store

Zaful is available in many languages to facilitate the product selection, as well as purchase. These languages are Arabic, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. 

Advantages of Zaful

 1. Zaful truly gives you a comprehensive shopping experience for all the needs of elegant fashion for women, men and children.

2. Zaful is shipping its products to many different countries around the world and it offers free shipping for items above 39€. 

3) Prices are very attractive and very low compared to many other shopping stores.

4) Zaful store offers a lot of really amazing offers, discounts and Zaful coupon on all the items. 

5) Zaful provides you a free return service for products. This solution is only available if Zaful sends you the wrong size or item.

6) Zaful has a Student Discount. If you are a student, just join the student membership program. Then, you will get a discount every time you shop, but you have to know that it is necessary to pay an annual fee. 

Is Zaful Legit?- Student Discount


Disadvantages of Zaful

1) Slow Customer Service: the customer service of Zaful is slow. You can wait  few days before you get a response from support. The live chat feature it is only for people who have not yet made a purchase. Therefore, you cannot complain through Live Chat.

2)The refund process also takes a little bit time. It can take up to 14 business days. 

3) Zaful does not offer any discount for purchasing more than 1 item.This can be a problem for people who just want to buy one item.

Zaful has disadvantages, but this does not mean that Zaful is a bad site. We know that no company is perfect, all companies has advantages and disadvantages. If we look at Zaful, the advantages are more than disadvantages. Zaful is a legit site and sooner or later they will improve the customer service because of all sites respect their customers. Zaful also takes into account its customers. 

How Do You Buy From Zaful?

The first step, create an account in Zaful. 

Is Zaful Legit?- How to create an account

Secondly, you have to select your region by clicking from the drop-down menu on the top right of the website. Then, you can choose the currency that your country has.

– Now, you can start buying. Enter the home page and choose the appropriate section from among the departments in the store like new, women, tops… –

Iz Zaful Legit? - Sections

– After selecting the appropriate section and selecting the product to be purchased. Now, click on ADD TO BAG.

– When you add products to your cart, Zaful will inform you if there are promotions, such as discounts.

– A new window appears in order to move to the payment. If the customer has a discount coupon. The customer enters a discount coupon code in the blank box, then moves to complete the purchase process by clicking on complete the purchase.

– The customer logs in to the store by filling in the data: which is the email address, password, code and then clicking on login.  Zaful also provides the possibility of registration through the Facebook account.

– Then you will wait a few minutes for an email to confirm the request, and the process has been successfully completed.

Shipping costs

Shipment takes 3-10 business days to arrive. The shipping cost varies from one country to another. If the Orders are between 0,00€-8,99€ the shipping cost is 8,00€ postage fee.

Orders between 9,00€-18,99€,7,00€ postage fee

Zaful provides free standard shipping for all customers if the purchase is more than 39€.

 Return and exchange within the Zaful store

Zaful offers all its customers a replacement and return service, for anyone who wishes to return their order. If you bought something from Zaful and you are not satisfied, you can return it and get the full refund. Zaful offers a 30-Day for returns, but due to the epidemic Covid 19 Zaful has extended returns to 60 days after receiving the item.

– Firstly, you have to contact customer service and telling that you are not satisfied with the item. To contact the customer service you must go to Support Center on the website.  Then, you explain your problem and why you are not satisfied with this item. Make sure that you have to write your order number and SKU product number. You also can send a picture of your defect item.

After that, Zaful will study your problem and make a decision. Zaful will only accept returns if it is the company’s fault. Then, Zaful refund in full the original product price. Zaful will not accept your return simply because you changed your mind. Zaful provides you a free return service for products, it is – only available if Zaful sends you the wrong size or item.

If the Customer Ordered Incorrect Order

If you order incorrect order such as incorrect size or product, you can still return your item. You have to know that is the customer’s responsibility for the shipping fee for an exchange. Also, if the customer ordered incorrect item, the customer can apply a refund from Zaful and they will accept your request. You have 30 days to return your order.

Payment Methods of Zaful

Zaful accepts a number of payment methods:

1) Paypal

2) Credit Card Via Paypal: it is for USA customers only at the moment.

3) Credit Card
4) Wire Transfer
5) Debit cards

In conclusion

Zaful is one of the biggest online shop and it provides the customer everything they need. Zaful is legit. Even though, Zaful has disadvantages like the delaying

in the refund process that can take a little bit time. That does not mean that only Zaful has this problem. There are some companies who have the same problem. If you think about the advantages that Zaful provides that will help you to forget all the disadvantages. Zaful provides you clothes at a reasonable prices. Zaful offers you to buy clothes wherever you live.



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  1. Hello There. Great article on Zaful. Often people are afraid to make online purchases if they don’t know the ” store “. You have done the research and I would feel confident buying from them. Thank you. Kind regards.

  2. Hello!
    I like the article a lot. People are always afraid to buy clothes and accessories online, but when you describe it that makes other people confident to buy from different online store. Good job and keep going!

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