Matching shoes and handbags

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Shoes and bags are essential in every woman’s wardrobe. Women feel very happy when they leave their homes and wear good clothes coordinated with a perfect bag and shoes. Matching shoes and handbags give the woman a beautiful and attractive shape

However, women face problems with choosing shoes and bags. It is not an easy choice as you think. Let me tell you the question that women used to ask How can I match shoes and handbags?

Do not worry ladies, today I am here to make it easy for you. I will share with you some tips that you can use to make a good selection of shoes and clothes. So keep reading if you are interested in that and you want to look shiny all the time. 

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1. Black shoes and bags

The black colour is a basic colour that is suitable for many colours. If you are wearing any type of clothing like yellow, red, white, blue or other colours then you can wear black shoes and bags.

Matching Shoes And Bags


Matching Shoes And Bags









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 2. Choose colours for your bags that have the same colour as your shoes:

I know it is a classic method but it is very successful. Wearing shoes in the same colour as the bag will get an elegant look in no time. 

3. Choose a coloured bag

If you are wearing a rainbow bag, then you can choose any colour of shoes. Rainbow bag has already all colours so if you choose for example a red shoe will suit perfectly with your bag. 


Metal Handle Color-block Satchel Bag

Faux Pearl & Pom-pom Decor Striped Panel Satchel Bag

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 4. If the colour of your bag is very close to the colour of your clothes, then choose shoes in a completely different colour, and vice versa.


5. Color harmony

It is not a requirement that the colours of bags must be identical to the colours of shoes. It is enough to be in harmony only.

Matching Shoes And Bags

If you have a patterned outfit, for example, a Rose patterned dress that has already so much colour. You have to choose a shoe colour that is suitable for prints. You should pull one solid colour from the pattern. If you take the dark red colour from this patterned dress for your shoes, then you can carry a light red bag. Dark and light colours are harmonious colours.

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6. Avoid exaggeration

 Some women prefer to wear glamorous accessories, by saying accessories I also mean bags and shoes. It is not bad to have glamorous accessories, but it will damage your outfit if you exaggerate. 

For example, if you wear a glamorous bag DO NOT wear glamorous shoes. Shoes have to be very simple and devoid of detail if you are wearing this type of bag and vice versa.

7.  Delightfully coloured shoes:

You can choose shoes in a delightful colour different from your clothes and bag. This way will give you more attention to your look. The yellow colour is one of the appropriate options.

8.  Striped bags

 If you choose a striped bag, you can extract from this bag colours for your shoe. For example, if your striped bag has 3 colours, then you can take one colour from it for your shoe.

In conclusion

Bags and shoes take a special place for women and they are also a source of happiness for them. 

Choosing shoes and bags take a long time for a woman to decide. Therefore, in this article, I made things easy for you lady to take a look at Matching shoes and handbags. I showed you different ways to coordinate your shoes with bags. 

Some of the points that I talked about are:

  • Black shoes and bags
  • Choose a coloured bag
  • Colour harmony
  • Avoid exaggeration
  • Delightfully coloured shoes
  • Striped bags
 Tell me to know what you think about this article by leaving a comment down below. Please feel free to ask me any question. 

8 thoughts on “Matching shoes and handbags

  1. I guess this would be a post for my wife to read but as a man what I can say on fashon is that even in our world we love to be matching also stepping out in style. Your taste and your written style on how women ought to dress is pretty amazing. I have seen my wife dress this way althoug she have few bags it would be more her outfit and shoes for her.
    Howere I think it is pretty classy when a woman can coordinate her out fit with her bag it looks so good.

  2. I really did learn so much about matching shoes and bags from this article, you know until reading your article I never realized women match their shoe with their bags. So being a guy I must ask why does a ladies shoes and bags need to match, I hope this is not a dumb question but remember I am a guy.

    Ha, ha

    1. Thanks for your comment. As your question, bags and shoes take a special place for women, and they are a source of happiness. Also, matching shoes and bags will give women elegance.

  3. Insightful post!
    I have often struggled with choosing the right shoe colour for my prints. I have never thought about the fact that I could pull one solid colour from the pattern and get the matching shoes! Many thanks for this.

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