Summer Handbags in 2020 – The Most Popular Summer Handbags For Women

Summer Handbags in 2020 - The Most Popular Summer Handbags For Women
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 Summer Handbags in 2020

The bag is part of a woman’s personality. Who of women does not have bags today?!

Who of women don’t care about the bags to be like a glamorous accessory that gives it aesthetic appeal?! All women do it, and they all race to get it. Handbags are an accessory that women cannot give up in. 

Women place in their bags things that are important to them such as wallet, mobile, makeup bag, keys and other necessary items. Some women who have children, their bags change from a bag that includes their supplies, to a carrier of all the needs of her baby from diapers, clothes milk, and other needs. 

Every woman has a small world in her bag, some women see in the bag a source of beauty, elegance and self-confidence. While some women see bags as a loyal friend because of some women like to keep their hidden secrets in their bags, which are some scraps of papers and perhaps worthless things that have lived in the bag for years.

Handbags are an essential item in women’s wardrobe, but which types of handbag women should have, it depends on the season. Each season has its handbags. 

In summer women have bags that differ from winter, in summer we are more interested in having different colors, While in winter most women only have black bags. Summer brings energy and joy with it. Therefore, women have a different type of bags. 

In this article I am going to show you some of  Summer Handbags in 2020. 

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  • 1. The first type of bag is Raffia Weave Bags : 

Summer Handbags in 2020

Raffia weave bags occupied a large portion of the ready-made fashion collections for the spring and summer season 2020. 

When we talk about Raffia weave bag comes to mind that the big model that we take during beach holidays. Raffia weave bags are not only for beach, they also fit all occasion in summer. 

You can have Raffia weave bags with floral dresses at weddings. It also suits with short dresses or with jeans.

Raffia weave bags that come with different styles, we have a shoulder bag, a tote bag Large  and small bag. 

  • You can choose small Raffia weave bags for summer 2020: 

– If you are a short women then I recommend you the short models which are provided with a long colorful leather belt that can be controlled in length. 

  • – if you’re on a budget then you can buy from Shein. Shein offers a very nice and good bags for women.

Girls Faux Pearl Handle Daisy Embroidered Woven Satchel Bag – $17.00

from: SHEIN

This bag suit you if you are not so long. 

The price is also very affordable. This Bag looks so elegant.

It is perfect for you if you want to smell the summer with enjoyable.    

What about this Round design bags with leather button who makes Raffia weave bags more stylish. 

This bag is also suit any occasions like beach, shopping and party. Moreover, it is a handmade bag and that is one of the greatest advantages. 

Large straw bags:

Minimalist Braided Satchel Bag – $21.00

from: SHEIN

This bag like the checkerboard interior. You can easily carry this bag around all day without worrying about anything falling out. 


Striped Woven Satchel Bag

2. Small bags are also very popular for summer 2020: 

This year the trend of a small crossbody bag. 

Crossbody bags are incredibly popular for summer 2020. crossbody bags have updated the shape of bags in two different shape which is usually kind of square or rectangles. 

Minimalist Flap Chain Crossbody Bag – $24.00

from: SHEIN


Kiss Lock Chain Crossbody Bag – $22.00

from: SHEIN

The designer Brandon Maxwell comes up with small transparent bags, this style has been adopted for a distinctive modern look. 

Transparent Crossbody Bag With Inner Pouch

from: SHEIN

3. Mini bags: 

  •  It has luxurious designs with metal locks that allow you to carry some things.

Mini Patent Trapezoid Satchel Bag – $11.00

from: SHEIN

Mini Croc Embossed Flap Crossbody Bag – $12.00
from: SHEIN

Mini Minimalist PU Satchel Bag – $16.00

from: SHEIN

  • These mini bags are so cute for summer 2020. You do not need a huge bag to carry in summer.
  • With these kinds of bags we will forget the tiredness of carrying a heavy bag all the time. You can put your mobile phone, your wallet.

4. Cube and Box Bags: this season has designers launched bags in the shape of cube and box. these bags like Chinese food boxes. They can be small to fit evenings, or large to fit both day and night.

5. Double Bagging: Do heared about Double Bagging. In this summer is so trend to have bag with different colors. You can carry two bags in two different colors, for more insanity in your outfit.

6. Blinding Neons bags: 

  • We can not forget Blinding Neons bags: It comes in yellow, green, blue and other colors to suit the bold look of a woman ready to fight boredom. Neon colors come to fight the boredom winter might hold.

Neon Green Croc Embossed Satchel Bag – $17.00

from: SHEIN

Neon Pink Croc Embossed Satchel Bag – $17.00
Pink Crocodile Satchels, size features are:Bust: ,Length: ,Sleeve Length:


Neon Lime Croc Embossed Satchel Bag – $17.00
Yellow Bright Crocodile Satchels, size features are:Bust: ,Length: ,Sleeve Length:

In conclusion:

Women’s bags depend on the season. Each season has different style. In this article, I showed you the most popular Summer Handbags in 2020 and explained each kind of style.

I have talk about:

  1. Raffia weave bags that come with different styles, we have a shoulder bag, a tote bag and small bag
  2. Small bags
  3. Mini bags
  4. Cube and Box Bags
  5. Double Bagging
  6. Blinding Neons bags

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  1. This is great post on women handbags. What so amazes me is the professional look that bags give and for those who are out on other occasions the kind of bag that is used for those events.

    It seems that depending on the occasion there are handbags that fit or match. Thanks so much for sharing a well-detailed post.

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