The Best Summer Shoes For Women – Best Shoes In 2020.

The Best Summer Shoes For Women - Best Shoes In 2020.
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Summer has come !. If you’re ready for our favourite season then this article is for you. 

In this article, I have collected The Best Summer Shoes For Women to try in 2020. 

The shoes that I have collected depend on our hot season. Which of you would not prefer to go to the beach or the amazing places in the summer or to the fancy places.  To do that you need suitable and comfortable shoes. 

Therefore, I am here today to talk about shoes. Without further ado let’s get started and show you The Best Summer Shoes For Women. 

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The first type of trendy shoes in summer 2020 is Square toe from the front

The Best Summer Shoes For Women - Square toe

We have noticed that fashion trend now is affected by the fashion of the seventies. A square toe from the front was trendy in the 70s and now it comes again. 

Here are the most beautiful square toe designs from the front in summer 2020. So choose them to suit your looks in this season: 

  • Square-toe sandal design:

If you love wearing sandals in summer, then you can choose Square toe heeled sandals. This trend is really the latest fashion you can choose it with heels in black and white.

Square Open Toe Strappy Block Heel Sandals – $33.00

from: SHEIN

Toe Loop Chain Decor Heeled Mule Sandals – $26.00

from: SHEIN







Square Toe Strappy Block Heel Slingback Sandals – $28.00

from: SHEIN








If you are a tall woman and prefer shoes without heels, Versace presented the fashion of square toe without heels and with ties that wrap around the foot. It is perfect for a daytime look with a wide dress or pants. 

  • Square toe with animal prints:

Animal print shoes have a special place in summer 2020.

2. Slide shoes

  • Black slide shoes: This summer the black slide shoes is one the most popular for women. It suits different styles and can be adopted during the day fashionable look.
  • Colourful sliding shoes: summer brings energy with it, so colourful shoes are also important to you

3. Chunky sneakers: 

Chunky have a beautiful and elegant style. Whether you plan to go to the gym or you want to wander the street. Chunky sneakers suit all different occasion. Today, Chunky sneakers almost all celebrities wear this type of shoes. 

Lace-up Front Letter Graphic Chunky Sneakers – $30.00

from: SHEIN

Letter Graphic Lace Up Chunky Sneakers – $31.00

from: SHEIN




4. Loafer shoes

Loafers can be worn with almost anything: jeans, dresses, and more. Hollywood stars prefer wearing Loafers

5. Flat ballerina shoes

In recent years, ballerina flat shoes have turned into shoes with an elegant modern twist that is not only adopted by a ballerina. You can wear flat ballerina and choose either coloured or monochrome. Many female employees in the Parisian and European streets depend on Pirina, even for official looks.

Minimalist Point Toe Slingback Flats – $23.00

from: SHEIN

Pointed Toe Bow Detail Slip On Ballet Flats – $21.00

from: SHEIN







In conclusion

Summer is the time for holidays and hot days. In this period, you want to look bright. In this article, I have collected The Best Summer Shoes For Women to try in 2020. 

To sum up I have talked about: 

  1.  Square toe and different type of these shoes.
  2. Slide shoes
  3. Chunky sneakers
  4.  Loafer shoes
  5. Flat ballerina shoes



8 thoughts on “The Best Summer Shoes For Women – Best Shoes In 2020.

  1. Great article on shoes. What woman doesn’t love shoes? Back in the day when a woman wanted to were beautiful shoes they came with pain. Today you can choose to wear beautiful comfortable shoes. I guess it would depend on the shoe style and the maker how comfortable and beautiful the shoe is, we used a to say ” beauty is pain”.
    Keep up the great work on the best shoes.

    1. Hi Miriam!
      Thank you for your comment. Yes, I agree with you “beauty is pain”. I will try to focus in women’s shoes and bags. So I hope this will make you happy,

  2. Oh, it’s always nice to read about fashion, trends. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your article. As a woman, I, of course, adore shoes and it seems I can never have enough of them. I was more a pointed shoe type, and they were trendy long enough, but, I could never wear open shoes or sandals at those times, or my toes would hang out. My feet are wide. So, I am so glad that the trend is square toe now. You presented a very nice choice here, thank you. Looking forward to read more suggestion on women’s fashion from you.

    1. Hi!
      Thanks for your kind words. I am glad you liked my article. I will try to write more articles on the latest women’s fashion.I am ready to answer you if you have any question.

  3. Shoes, shoes, and more shoes. I believe that for every event there should be shoes that are comfortable and stylish for those occasions and what also amazes me is the many old fashions that have come back from hairdo to clothes and of cost shoes. These are beautiful shoes that your readers will really love.

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